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Helen's Greek mousaka

Helen's Greek mousaka

Todays  yummy recipe is a favourite of mine .I'm sure you have all heard of mousaka one of the most famous Greek dishes ..

you will need :
4-5  big potatoes
2-3 big aubergines
2-3 big courgettes 
mince meat
1kilo beef mince meat
1 onion chopped
2 cups tomato canned or fresh (I use grated canned tomato)
1 glass of wine (optional)
1 cup olive oil
salt pepper
small cinnamon stick
bay leaf
bechamel sauce
1 cup grated cheese
2/3 cup butter
2/3 cup flour
1 litre fresh milk

first of all start by making the mince meat, its really the same way its done when you make spaghetti ,finely chop one onion  lightly fry the onion in a pan with one cup of olive oil  then add the mince meat continue to lightly brown the meat and try to break it so it does have lumps ..Now if you like the taste of wine then now is the time to pour it in use one glass of wine let it simmer a bit .Add the tomato and water salt,pepper,nutmeg,bay leaf,allspice ( I put the bay leaf ,cinnamon and allspice in a little toule ,don't forget to remove them before pouring meat in the oven dish)
 and 2 cups of water cover the pan and let it cook slowly until it all absorbs ..

wash  your vegetables peel the potatoes  and cut them into thick slices about 1cm thick sprinkle with salt and pepper
Add olive oil to a frying pan and cook all the veg and potatoes until they are a nice golden colour on both sides ,leave them aside on kitchen towel to drain of the access oil
 I use a big oven dish but thats because we are 6 hungry people and like to eat seconds lol.... you may use whatever size suits your family needs better just make sure it is a deep dish .... now layer out the potatoes in the dish covering it all next the aubergines and courgettes mixed you will need the same amount to do a second layer on top so make sure you have enough .... it all depends on how big a dish you use

Your mince meat should be ready now it needs about 45 mins or until it has absorb its juices turn off the heat and add about half a cup of grated cheese and stir it in  I use regato you can use whatever you like just make sure it isn't too salty .empty all the meat on top of the layered vegetables and cover again with the rest of the potatoes and and veg...
The final step is the bechamel sauce ... you can use packet sauce if you want but I prefer the real thing so this is how i make it

add the butter to a pan low heat let butter melt then add the flour stiring all the time do this for a couple of mins then slowly add the milk  I use a hand whisk in the beginning to avoid lumps keep stirring and on a fairly low heat until it becomes nice and creamy .When you get  it nice and creamy turn off the heat add 1 cup of grated cheese ,salt pepper and grounded nutmeg stir it all up and pour over the ingredients in the oven tray sprinkle grated cheese on the top and cook in a pre heated oven 180C until nice and golden on top

 ENJOY !!! please comment below if you like this recipe I love to hear from you all ♥

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