Thursday, 27 August 2015

Helen's Greek GEMISTA ... stuffed vegetables


Taste soo yummy and easy to make !!

I haven't had time to write any new recipes lately on my blog
just got a few mins to share this amazing Greek gemista ..stuffed vegetables
with all of you because I've been asked so many times how it's done

you will need 

Vegetables of your own choice

Big juicy tomatoes
peppers any colour or size
any kind of veggie can be used as long as its big enough to be emptied

2 chopped onions (fresh or normal)
chopped parsley
chopped dill (optional)
chopped mint (optional)
salt pepper to taste  I like to add a pinch of oregano too
carolina rice (short grain ).... I measure one small handful for every vegetable
1 cup of  olive oil  and a little more to pour over the top

You will also use the inside of the vegetables

   Wash all you veg and find an oven tray that fits them all in

  • using a knife cut  the top of the veg so it opens like a lid 

  • using an apple corer empty out the inside's of the veg (don't throw away)

  • grate or blend all the inside from the tomatoes and a little of everything else 

  • put everything in a bowl ..add the chopped onion ,parsley,dill,mint,salt, pepper, rice (handful for every veg), olive oil ... it should look nice and juicy if it is a bit dry add some tomato fresh or canned ...

  • mix it all up with a spoon and fill each vegetable  don't fill to the top because the rice will swell and it will overflow while cooking 
  • add about a cup of water in the oven tray drizzle olive oil over all the veg and sprinkle a little salt and pepper over them .. cover with foil or oven tray lid put in a heated oven   180 degrees for about 1 hour and 30 mins depending on how fast your oven cooks  check on them every now and then 
when the rice and veg are soft uncover for about 15 mins to very lightly brown the tops ..

    Enjoy and don't hesitate to ask me any questions 

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  2. Very Interesting Recipe Looks Awesome and tasty .

    Amit lamba
    Amit lamba
    Amit lamba

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