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   Yummy Beef with pasta recipe 


  This is a really tasty and pretty easy dish to cook .
first off all I will tell you what ingredients you will need  1 kilo of tender beef cut into pieces (not too small )
1 cup of olive oil (or whatever you usually use olive oil is tastier)
1 chopped onion
1-2 cloves of garlic
500grams of tomato (you can used tinned ,whole ,juice,chopped or fresh any will do)
salt and pepper to taste
2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon all spice (if you like)
a small stick of cinnamon (if you don't like leave it )
1 small glass of red wine (I prefer white but that's just me )
warm water
1 500gr pack of pasta
Now then let's get cooking
chop up your onions and garlic throw them in your pan with the olive oil lightly brown them add your meat and brown that too .Now pour in the wine let it simmer for a couple of mins add salt ,pepper and all the other spices, add warm water enough to cover the meat I use warm water so it doesn't slow the heat of the pan ,if your pan starts filling with froth you can remove it with a spoon some people leave it others don't like it that's your choice .Time to put the lid on and let it simmer on a low heat for about 40 mins or until the meat becomes tender please remember to check your pan regularly and add water if needed ,if you use a pressure cooker the time will be less.
Once the meat has become tender its time to add the tomato let it simmer for about another 15 mins ...



                                                                                                                                                                Ok next step is to boil your pasta, in a pan add water a
pinch of salt wait till it boils then add the pasta  don't cook it too long because it will finish cooking in the oven so turn it off before its ready and strain and rinse a little bit  .

boiled pasta
Now in a pirex dish or an oven dish or one of those mmm forgot what its called you know they go in the oven and have a lid they can be made from metal or clay anyway something u can cover :) add the meat and juice and add the pasta I add a cup or two of warm water now to keep it juicy this is also the best time to check it for salt maybe it will need a little bit more ,cover with a lid or foil put it in a preheated oven 180-200 degrees (mine is electric) for about 20 mins ....serve on a plate and sprinkle with your favourite cheese  ENJOY ♥♥♥
oven thing with lid
I have a little secret if we aren't going to eat it straight away I throw in a couple of ice cubes when I take it out of the oven it seems to keep it a bit juicier   ...pasta will suck up all the juice even after you bring it out of the oven ♥
I hope you find my recipe easy to follow Im just a Jewellery making housewife ,mum and grandma that loves to cook ♥♥
Delicious beef and pasta



feel free to comment or ask any questions with love Helen♥♥
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